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jazzahead!-Clubnight - The Melvin Peters Quartet - Real south-african Jazz

Fr, 12.04.2024 | 23:00 - 00:00

Kulturkirche St. Stephani Bremen | Stephanikirchhof 8, 28195 Bremen

jazzahead!-Clubnight 2024 - The Melvin Peters Quartet aus Durban/Südafrika

Melvin Peters - piano, Jeff Robinson - sax and Flute

Bongani Sokhela - electric bass, Bruce Baker - drums

The Melvin Peters Quartet comprises musicians who are stalwarts on the Durban jazz scene. They are experienced and, as a band, are known for their high standard of performance. The MPQ has performed in various parts of South Africa and has developed an excellent following nationally. The band members have had formal training at university level and have subsequently  gone on to pursue careers in the jazz arena.

The band has strong mainstream roots, through initial exposure to American standards. However, they continue to explore jazz which emanates from South Africa, most notably, the music of pianists Abdullah Ibrahim and Bheki Mseleku, both of whom received international acclaim in the sixties. The band also performs original music, composed primarily by Melvin Peters. His tunes are eclectic, with strong influences from the European classical tradition.

The repertoire of the MPQ is varied, and interesting enough to take the audience on a musical journey. The musicians are all excellent improvisors and are known for pushing the boundaries in performance. This is their first performance in Germany..

Melvin Peters, Bongani Sokhela, Jeff Robinson, Bruce Baker


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Kulturkirche St. Stephani Bremen

Tim Günther - Musikdirektion

Stephanikirchhof 8
28195 Bremen


Kulturkirche St. Stephani Bremen

Stephanikirchhof 8
28195 Bremen